OpenWrt support for PIX LINK LV-09

I bought repeater with this brand: PIX-LINK LV-09 and I was trying to install OpenWrt on it, I tried to upload OpenWrt using the upload page in repeater settings page, but it keeps ignore the firmware, also I tried to install it using TFTP without any success, here's the device chipset specification:, any help, thanks in advance!

Since this device is not suported by OpenWrt, see how you can add support for it.

Thank you for your reply, but the platform is already supported, the device have MediaTek MT7628AN chip, which's already supported on your website.

The platform might be, but not your device.

Routers are embedded devices, usually with quite some quirks and peculiarities, and little standard adherence (so those exist in the first place), so each device needs its very own bespoke firmware image - there usually are no generic images. Just shoving an image for a remotely similar device is pretty much guaranteed to brick it, quite probably without any way to recover.

That doesn't mean it's impossible to add support for it, but someone (this could be you) with the device on their desk still needs to actually do the hard work of porting it to OpenWrt and submitting the resulting patches for merging into OpenWrt.