OpenWrt support for NanoPi R2C

I emailed FriendlyElec 4 days ago and they still have yet to respond. I'm a bit discouraged purchasing from them again; all their forums / community has very old posts and is unmaintained - seemly support is non-existent. I think my next SBC purchase will be a radxa board.

I will post back if they ever respond; at the moment I think I corrupted my eMMC and I cant seem to get the board to boot from SD. I did try to short circuit the Maskrom round silver holes with the GRN hole from my picture here: Guidance on UART debugging "Card did not respond to voltage select" - #3 by robhancock

How are you shorting the maskrom; you turn off usb power then connect GRN to the "MASK" holes then plug it back in?

I just short the two mask rom contacts then apply power to the board and it boots from sd-card.( Holding it until it starts booting)
I had the same problem I flashed a rom following the user guide to install a third party rom.
I used e-flasher edited the config so it installs the selected ROM.
And after that the devices did not boot.
Downloaded the e-flasher friendly-wrt installed on the sd-card inserted the sd-card.
Shorted the 2 contacts applied power and the board starts with flashing the emmc.
Wait untill it blinks constantly and reboot the board using the power cord.

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Thanks! What I was missing is that I had flashed my SD card with the eFlasher friendlywrt image. Your comment led me to using rk3328-sd-friendlywrt-5.15-20220125.img which did boot from SD card after shorting MASK and from there I wiped out the mmblk2 eMMC storage. Now it's back :slight_smile:

I was trying to build armbian for R2C since there's a motorcom driver issue - I tried your build today on the R2C and the motorcom NIC works there. I didn't do a lot more testing than that :slight_smile: