OpenWrt support for Meraki MR46

Any update?

Has anyone bumping for an update requested the source code for the MR46 from Meraki? Email, be sure to also mention that your request covers the bootloader source code.

Meraki's standard practice is to compile the environment into u-boot, and sign the whole thing. Since the environment is in the signed u-boot, you cannot modify bootcmd.

Meraki used the same u-boot release for the ipq40xx, which contained a bug allowing you to bypass secure boot.

The MR46 is a different SoC, uses a different u-boot release: U-Boot 2018.01-RELEASE-gb0bd058b3f and as far as I know, all of their newer products come with secure boot enabled by default (meaning, there will be no code paths in u-boot that don't enforce signature verification).

It will only be possible to give a more definitive answer when we have the u-boot source code from Meraki


this is super helpful. I requested the uboot source code from Meraki. I will look whether the bug is present, once I get the code from them.

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Yes, very helpful, thanks! I also requested the U-Boot sources from Meraki, albeit for the MR44 which I have a few at hand to tinker with. Also checking...

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