OpenWrt support for Linksys MX8500

So, when loading FW via NVMEM it doesn't achieve a linkup when the cable is plugged in or?

Does this device use the script?
I would really love to see what is causing this as U-Boot itself doesn't really do anything special when loading the FW, unless they heavily modified it but U-Boot is not in the GPL dump so no idea

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Can we load the latest version of OpenWRT on MX8500 devices now?

Anyone rocking this device?

I am curious as to the type of throughput + stability you are getting on the 6e interface.

Do share!


@lytr ?

Port is not finished yet. PR with BDF files is not merged:

6GHz interface is not working yet.

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Currently the port works (after toggle gpio44 via pinctrl or additional definition in mdio_pins), but after that the QCA8075 ports do not work: OpenWrt support for Linksys MX8500 - #43 by lytr

Yes: OpenWrt support for Linksys MX8500 - #24 by lytr