OpenWrt support for Linksys MX4200

hey all, how did we go with this? been following for a while. has mx4200 v1 be completely built? all download links are dead

Did you manage to restore the original firmware? If so did you use the backup file you created or flashed it with the latest available firmware. Curious to know if the process of going back to stock was easy

I don't have this model exactly. If you have serial access it should be easy.
There are some env variables with tftpboot:

flashimg=tftpboot $loadaddr $image && nand erase $prikern $imgsize && nand write $loadaddr $prikern $filesize
flashimg2=tftpboot $loadaddr $image && nand erase $altkern $imgsize && nand write $loadaddr $altkern $filesize

So this command should work for kernel partition:
tftpboot 44000000 && nand erase 1080000 9600000 && nand write 44000000 1080000 2600000
and for alt_kernel partition:
tftpboot 44000000 && nand erase a680000 9600000 && nand write 44000000 a680000 2600000
The last value 2600000 need to be adjusted to actual OEM firmware size.

You can do the same by loading a file from USB:
usb start && fatload usb 0:1 44000000 FW_MX4200TR_2.0.5.210476_prod.img && nand erase 1080000 9600000 && nand write 44000000 1080000 2600000
usb start && fatload usb 0:1 44000000 FW_MX4200TR_2.0.5.210476_prod.img && nand erase a680000 9600000 && nand write 44000000 a680000 2600000

These two commands are only run when updating OEM firmware:

flash_erase /dev/mtd21 0 0
nandwrite -p /dev/mtd21 FW_MX4200TR_2.0.5.210476_prod.img

I'm not sure how the rootfs UBI volume is transferred from the kernel partition to the rootfs partition.

thanks for the info, very helpful. I really appreciate your time. Im keen to try update my firmware as its running a very old version and fails to update using the app and webpage so Ill try the method you mentioned.

flash_erase /dev/mtd21 0 0
nandwrite -p /dev/mtd21 FW_MX4200TR_2.0.5.210476_prod.img

before I do that, what's the command to backup the partition? I have tried tftpboot put command but it fails

Do you have access using serial console? What firmware is loaded? OEM or OpenWrt initramfs?

In OpenWrt you can use mtd dump, dd or nanddump.
In OEM firmware mtd_debug read or dd.

Check this for sysupgrade issue: Adding OpenWrt support for Linksys MX5300 - #15 by lytr

It's not fully ready, updates are dead

Can anyone share a dump of the mtd19 (s_env) partition?

did you get one as I have one backed up from openwrt initramfs when running ? Was a bit sceptical of validity fo them as not pulled via valid nanddump

I don't think I need it anymore.

I'd like to run past you my plan to test the firmware on a MX4200v2. I'm an experienced Linux user but I have zero experience with OpenWrt.

I've forked OpenWrt's GitHub's repo, added your repo as remote and cherry-picked your commit adding support for the MX4200. Luckily there was only one conflict with the comments on package/firmware/ipq-wifi/Makefile. The results are here:

I've compiled the firmware and I believe I can flash it onto my MX4200v2 which is currently running stock firmware.

Since sysupgrade isn't working at present, could I, from time to time, flash back the stock firmware and flash a newly built version of OpenWrt like the first time? This would be through the command line or the web, I won't have serial access to the router.

At the moment I can't do any of this anyway because I don't have a backup router. I'll be having one soon though so I would like to know if this approach is flawed or it could work.


thanks heaps legend

Yeah you can do that

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After the first installation, you can set these env variables to easy recovery from USB using the initramfs image:

fw_setenv usbimage 'openwrt-qualcommax-ipq807x-linksys_mx4200-initramfs-uImage.itb'
fw_setenv bootusb 'usb start && fatload usb 0:1 $loadaddr $usbimage && bootm $loadaddr'
fw_setenv bootcmd 'run bootusb; if test $auto_recovery = no; then bootipq; elif test $boot_part = 1; then run bootpart1; else run bootpart2; fi'
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@SpectreDev, can you confirm that the first 5GHz radio is limited to 36-48 channels (80MHz) only?

Thanks, that's very useful for what I intend to do.

@SpectreDev with the PR for MX5300 progressing, any chance the info there will help with getting MX4200 to work?

Not too sure

Well I'm really busy right now, I think someone else has to take over, I've got too many projects on hand, my stuff will remain public for someone else to pick up from

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If you want, I can prepare an image for the MX4200 for testing. I don't have this device.