OpenWrt support for Linksys CM3024

Here is Linksys cable modem CM3024.

Please no stress ! You have plenty of time.

When - in about - will be openWRT there for CM3024 ?

(CM3024 has no USB (rather ...) - it would to be flashed via eth0)

Hardware specs:

ETH chip1: Intel Puma

Wasn't there something with the PUMA-bug?

"Intel Puma 6" - chip is right ... but now ... bug is new to me.

Here is listed all news about puma bug : with search words in browser :

intel puma chip (bug)

Apparently Intel fixed this, but I dont know if the patch worked really ... ?!

Technical specs are listed here :

It seems that Intel has not yet fixed successfully the bug in Puma 6.
It looks that this Puma 6 chipset cannot be fixed, because it is an hardware bug:

search words: intel puma 6 bug (fixed?)

Delivers enough output.

Manufacturer is Cisco !

Linksys was Cisco's the "consumer brand", they owned the company.