OpenWrt support for IP-COM AP365

Does anyone have installed openwrt on IP-COM AP365 access point?

not on the support list

I know... But it should be...

I know a sh*t load of devices which should be ,)

Post a serial console log, and internal photos of it, so we can see what hw it runs on.

Hello. This is the photo of AP365:

Sorry to say, but that is not really helpfull. The interesting parts are under the heatsinks.

The blurry FCC images suggest a Broadcom BCM4708 SOC, with an undeterminable WLAN chipset (in all likelyness Broadcom as well), which effectively means game over.
Here it say that the firmware is compatible with standard FCC...

And what about it?

There's no correlation between FCC and openwrt/open source.