OpenWrt support for H616

Hi all, I am recently thinking of utilizing my Orange Pi Zero 2 to install OpenWrt and configure as AP. I found here that a recent release 22.03 added support to H616 SoC. However, I cannot find the firmware for H616 or Orange Pi Zero 2 to download from the hardware list table. May I know if the device is supported now and with firmware release? With Giga Ethernet and the small form factor it is really amazing if firmware support is available :grinning:

Thanks all in advance!

There are no generic firmware images for OpenWrt, you always need a bespoke one for your device exclusively (apart from x86) - so no, your device is not supported, yet (but it shouldn't be too difficult to add support for it, as sunxi tends to be well supported in mainline linux, so it mostly needs adding the DTS and setting up the image build).

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may work(or not)

@Kazagumo Thanks so much for the effort. It works and could run on the board, but I found that wireless option is missing in the menu. Is that not added yet?