OpenWrt support for FRITZ!Box 7510

Is there an OpenWRT available for the FRITZ!Box 7510?
I found some specs here:!Box_7510#Weblinks

For the 7520 and 7530, I found some OpenWRT Images ... Can I use them?

It's IPQ5018. AFAIK there is only very limited support in the Linux kernel and no support in OpenWrt. So no, you absolutely cannot use 7520/7530 images (they are ipq4019).


The 7510 is a 64bit ARM, the 7520/7530 are 32bit ARM

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I understand ... Will there be an openWrt image, in future?

Likely not. Basic support was added for the SoC in the mainline kernel about a year ago, but the device tree was missing some pretty important stuff. I haven't seen much movement on it since.