OpenWrt support for Extreme WS-AP3865E

I picked up an AP3865E for cheap on ebay and was wondering if anyone has any thoughts about getting OpenWRT on it. I've never done anything like it from scratch but have done plenty of hacks with instructions. I also got a lot of 5 AP3825i from the same seller and successfully got OpenWRT on all those. So I'm somewhat familiar with consoling into similar hardware. Any advice would be much appreciated

Check which hardware is inside first, i.e. SoC, RAM, Flash. Then locate the serial console port and see if you can get access. I'm trying something similar with a Avaya/Xirrus AP, however I'm having a hard time getting the PCIe driver for Wireless working.

According to the product sheet I found for it, there is a console port. I took it apart and found some header pins. I tried a few configurations in the little time I had today with no success. I'm going to try to put some more time into it this weekend