OpenWrt support for ENS500EXT-AC


I'm looking at installing OpenWrt into an EnGenius router but I'm concerned that the model is not compatible with OpenWrt. The model is ENS500EXT-AC ( ) and it is not listed on the Table of Hardware page in the documentation. ([Brand*~]=EnGenius ).

Would there be any use in installing OpenWrt on this router? I found a review of a similar situation where the user said it was not possible (

If you try, without doing any additional research, you might brick it.

And the first bit of research should be, don't flash an image to test it.

Learn how to test using the *-initramfs-kernel.bin image in RAM only.

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It is compatible but has not been added yet. I have not been able to get my hands on one.

If you are familiar with the process and have USB to UART serial adapter I can help