OpenWrt support for EdgeRouter 6P (ER-6P)

EdgeRouter 4 is supportet with Octeon CPU, it will also be possible to install OpenWrt for the ER-6P, it is the same cpu?


At least the SoC seems similar if not identical. With an adapted DTS (and maybe/probably some extra code) you should be able to get it up and running it looks like.

You'll also need to figure out how the PoE is implemented/configured if you require that functionality.

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Can I somehow help to implement this faster? i have the ER-6P at home and have had some experience in openwrt and linux for a while.

Thanks to @damex I followed his example for the ER-4 and added support for the 2 additional ethernet ports. I have not checked if the passive PoE is working on this device.

The pull request is here

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