OpenWrt support for EA7500 v3

I just bought the EA7500V3 router. Is it supported by OpenWRT? If so, which firmware should I use?

Stock one?

v3 is too new and even doesn't have page in Wiki about it's hardware.

CPU:MT7629BA RAM:256M ROM:128M
MT7531BE +MT7761N+MT7762N

Brand Name: LINKSYS Model Name: EA7500 V3, EA7430, EA7250, EA7500S

As I understand it, MT7629 is a single chip solution that offers about the same power consumption and performance compared to a solution based on MT7615S and MT7615B WiFi PCIe chips plus MT7621 MIPS processor, but at a lower cost.

A web search mostly shows code commits to Linux and U-boot, and we learn a few extra details such as MT7629 shares the same PCIe IP block as MT7622 dual core Cortex-A53 processor.

Any chance that EA7500v3 will be supported sometime in the near future? (

On paper it looks rather good and today there is a deal on amazon for 37eur.
I need it basically for a wireguard gateway...

Edit: post was made in a new thread that got merged here. Question still stands, especially now that @shep linked an article that says mtk chip is targeting linux.

It would be great if someone can built a firmware.

I'd also like a FW for the EA7430 hardware

I also need OpenWRT on my EA7500 v3. Will it be possible?