OpenWrt support for D-Link DVA-5593

Call me selfish :slight_smile: but I just buyed this VDSL2 (35b) modem router, so I hope OpenWRT will support it...
CPU: Broadcom BCM63136_B0, (ARM Cortex A9 Dual Core 1000MHz)
Network Device: Broadcom BCM3136B0 v0.9
It has a GPL declaration !
The web interface sucks: so few settings that seems a locked modem from the ISP. there must be some hidden menu.
Has voip and fiber slot. Can be used in europe... not sure about usa.

There is an advanced view with a lot of settings (didn't see).
You can ssh into the modem; if you login as the web interface user you can set config settings and export and stuff... ("?" for the help). There is also a root user! but no password.

Why don't you check yourself, preferably before buying the device?

because I know that there are no VDSL 35b modem supported.
But the Archer VR1600v has a similar soc !

If you already knew that in advance, why are you asking about it here?

The SOC/ device could eventually be supported, but the VDSL and FXS (phone) features will never be supported at all, the wireless most likely neither (I can't find specific information about it, but I venture it's using a softmac based Broadcom wlan chipset, which would mean no drivers[0]).

So yes, provided the device ends up on the desk of a motivated developer, it could be supported as a wired 5-port router - without xDSL/ FXS/ wireless features. But who's going to buy a device like that for >150 EUR, despite those caveats, and then spends considerable time on porting it to OpenWrt with those final/ fatal restrictions.

[0] yes, there might be basic support in b43 (not guaranteed), but that limits its wireless throughput to <=54 MBit/s, as HT/ VHT modes necessary for 802.11n/ 802.11ac performance aren't supported, that's nothing I'd consider for router uses, so however you look at it - no drivers, almost zero chances for improvements in the future.

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Nothing is impossible !

Just wondering, the supported modems where opensource ? or what ?