OpenWrt support for D-Link DIR 842V2

I realized I bought a newer version of D-Link DIR 842 C2 --> D-Link DIR 842V2 D-LINK and apparently it is not supported.
Any chance one of the C Version is working with this router?
Cheers zkzkzk

Perhaps, start by finding out the SoC and radio models.

I admit, I have no clue how and it is not on their website. (data-sheet)

Can you share a picture of the sticker on the bottom of your router? Obfuscate its MAC and default wireless key if that's printed as well. According to Wikidevi there are multiple revisions and the hardware internals can be totally different. I don't see any mention of a v2 though.

You´d probably need to open it up, unless you can find good pictures of the internals in the FCC database.

I do not want to open it, because i want to return it to mighty amazon. I need a mesh capable wlan-router asap. Sorry can not wait.

then openwrt (on this device) is not for you ...

Please follow link in my first post. It is in german, but data-sheet is more or less international.

There is literally nothing about the internals in that PDF, as with 99% of consumer stuff. That's stuf that goes over a layman's head.

I am using OpenWRT for at least 6 years, so it is definitely for me. I wanted to create a self-made mesh network and I am not sure which wlan router is supporting it. So I followed this guy: Van Tech Corner
He used a DIR 842 C2. I was in a hurry and I thought C2 is V2. hahaha. Hint: It is not. Unfortunately C2 is sold out and C3 is not available. So back to start searching a mesh capable wlan router in a reasonable price range.

Nothing in my post contradicts your statement ....

Never thought it does. It is just an explanation why I am going to find another router, which is openWRT and mesh capable. Thanks for your time.

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