OpenWrt Support for D-Link DAP-X1860 LED and Performance

Hey guys,

can someone please explain howto the rssiled works? - I have two devices. On one the signal led works like it should in the other it doesn't. I compared all logical packages and files, but couldn't get the solution.

What I also noticed. When I use the naked openwrt23.05 on the device it sometimes worked as a bridge with iperf3 performance around 700 Mbit/s up and down around 500 Mbit/s. After a while and other packages installed included irqbalance there is just an achivement of 300 Mbit/s possible even there is shown a connection with around 1200 Mbit/s in luci between the bridges.

Hi @suppenkasper0815, about the LED issue maybe you can check if the one device of yours has different wifi device names than the other?!?

In my case I updated openwrt and the wifi LEDs did not work.
I did figure that there is the possibilty in the advanced settings of each wifi device to change the name. I just put 'wlan0' for the 2.4GHz and 'wlan1' for the 5GHz band.

Maybe that solves it for you too or use the wifi device name of the working device on the other in case it's not 'wlan0'
Did you compare the LED settings as well or did you just checked if the packages are installed? The 2 devices are identical ones I assume, is that correct?

bye morT

See [SOLVED] D-Link DAP-X1860 A1: wireless LEDs not working in 23.05.2 but in 22.03.5 (phy1-ap0 & phy1-ap1 VS. wlan0 & wlan1) - For Developers - OpenWrt Forum on how to get the LED working on the DAP-X1860:one must rename the wifi-devices to wifi0 and wifi1.
It doesn't explain how exactly rssiled measure the performance and translate it into led bars, but at least one can get the leds to shine.