OpenWrt support for CalAmp Fusion / Harris MBC-200 lte modem

I have a " CalAmp Fusion lte modem, RE BRANDED as a " Harris MBC-200 "
it boots " busybox " on a MPC8314E PowerQUICC II Pro Processor... some logs / more intel available on request --
My question(s) : how do i go about re flashing this? ( without bricking )
-- for that matter... is it even re flashable?
-- the firmware files from CalAmp are " .pak " files How do i edit / view / dissect them?
-- the nand is a SPANSION GL512N11FFI02
-- it has one visible ddr2 chip that i think is either 512MB or more likely 128Mb..

any help / insight is greatly appreciated, BOTH calamp AND harris ( go figure ) have been of no help. ( in their defense " yet..." )

my end goal is to run dual concurrent 4g modems with Openmptcprouter.

As far as I can see this SOC has zero mainline linux support, which means theres a similar zero chance of it being supported by OpenWRT - unless you write all the SOC support code yourself.

As for flashing it with the vendor firmware - that's a question for them.