OpenWrt Support for Banana Pi BPI-R3

whitch firmware are you using ? the latest snapshot ? i remember there is a lot of problems with the SFP ports, but especially with ONT SFP.

Look here :

Latest 23.05.0-rc4 and I'm not using a ONT. I'm using the official RJ45 SFP 2.5G-T.

What is the recommended version now? Do people run rc3/4 or latest snapshot?

I’m just curious if someone had trouble running rc3 or 4 and had to upgrade to snapshot for fixing it. I read that some sfp modules worked with snapshot but not in RC.


My TP Link SFP, TL-SM410U, worked in rc3.
I am now on master, kernel 6.1 SNAPSHOT, just for the compiling experience.
Oh, and my SFP link still works.

Did you set kernel 6.1 manually, because I thought snapshot used 5.15?

I used checkout master, which is kernel 6.1 by default?

Nope, it's 5.15 by default unless you select to enable experimental/testing kernel in menuconfig.

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Thanks for this information!

When trying to upgrade (sysupgrade) from rc3 to rc4 I got this warning again.

Should I tag "Force upgrade" or do something else?

don't do this, it will break everything. Do a backup first, that way you'll have all your /etc/config files. and upgrade without keeping the settings.

You need to update the bootloader. Please see identical post above and my reply to it:

Hello. Just curious about what packages is recommended. I don’t think about sqm etc, but more like system stuff.
Is irqbalance recommended for example?

Thanks. Is this normal behaviour with the R3? I don’t have this with my Belkin RT3200’s, also not in the past with R7800 and C2600.

Does the bootloader have to be updated every time a new version of OpenWrt is flashed?

What is the reason normal sysupgrade can’t be done on R3?

What happened when you did sysupgrade?
What kind of image did you use?

No. Only boards with more than one boot method and using devicetree overlays are affected (only BPi-R64 and BPi-R3) by a change which rectifies support for those boards with what got accepted in upstream Linux.
Updating the bootloader should not be needed every time you update OpenWrt, but be aware that those devices are development boards and not ready-made products, so our priority on this hardware is to demonstrate latest features. Maintaining a sysupgrade path and backward compatibility is not needed so much because one can always re-flash the device using a microSD card and up-to-date sdcard image.

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Hi @daniel , is it possible to show CPU frequency in i.e htop or is CPU frequency still in the works?

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There is no support for CPU frequency scaling on MT7981 and MT7986. All cores always run at maximum speed.

Thanks Daniel.

Since last evening my BPI-R3 started to constanly crash loosing WIFI and Ethernet. Thermals OK, no info in syslog. Not sure if related but removed MAC address whitelist on 2.4G channel SSID having same SSID on 5G channel and later had issues with wpad-basic-mbedtls package update update and wolfssl ghost library dependency having the only right option to build image and run sysupgrade. I have currentyl reverted MAC address filtering on 2.4G SSID, but based on monitoring metrics crash happens when WiFi clients come online. Maybe someone have some advise ? Thank you.

P.S there are issues when on startup OpenWrt does not find nvme device and have to reboot after startup, but guess this is known bug?