OpenWrt support for 3COM 2948-SFP network switch

Hi, i recently got my hands on 2948-SFP 3COM, it's 48Port 1Gb/s switch, which is good even for current times, could i flash custom OpenWRT build on it? I tried to build my own image but i'm new to building software without IDE, so i think i might have messed something up, is it even possible to use custom os with this device?

I've disassembled it and got a bit of information:

SoC: BCM53718
RAM: Hynix HY5DU561622ETP-4 (256MB)
FLASH: I couldn't find physical chip on board


I saw in ToH that OpenWRT could be run on Ubiquiti, ZyXEL or even D-Link switches so i thought i give it a try.

3COM devices are not supported.

OpenWrt is supported on many different devices/brands, but not all. 3COM is not supported, In the case of switches in particular, OpenWrt support is relatively new (historically it supported routers, but not switches).

I'm not sure that this chip is supported (or even supportable)... if it isn't, the chances are near zero that it will be able to run OpenWrt. Even if it is possible, my guess is that it will be quite a lot of work to get it working - but you can always start a thread in the developers section of the forum and ask if anyone has been working on this device... chances are slim, but you never know. You can also ask about how you can help the effort.

Only Realtek-based switches are supported so far.

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Not exactly true, as there are 3 non-Realtek Ubiquiti switches currently supported by OpenWrt.

  1. Ubiquiti EdgeSwitch 5XP based on Atheros AR7242
  2. Ubiquiti EdgeSwitch 8XP based on Atheros AR7242
  3. Ubiquiti USW-Flex based on Mediatek MT7621AT

Fair enough, but compared to the range of Realtek switches OpenWrt supports by now, it's nothing. No SFP / SFP+ / multigig either AFAICT (which is to some degree supported on OpenWrt on the Realtek targets).

On top of that you're often locked into the Ubiquiti ecosystem, with their passive PoE (with the 5XP) and whatnot. So that leaves two Ubiquiti switches for 'universal' use.