OpenWrt still possible on Google Wifi? Incorrect USB hub?

I am trying to install OpenWrt on Google Wifi pucks, (AC-1304) but are unable to Factory Reset (using OnHub Recivery Utility) / Install OpenWrt (OnHub/Etcher), I am afraid that the issue might be incompatible USB Hub, I am using a USB-A hub that does provide power to the pucks since I am able soft reset and successfully get each puck into developer mode, and reset them back to normal operation after hours of tinkering (while connected to my usb hub).

There is a notice on the page, "Google Wifi must be restored to its factory default software before running OpenWrt. (here)" with a link to galeforce github stating that sideloading no longer works since google use signed drivers and will refuse to accept sideloaded drivers ever since a particular firmware update. However multiple post have been made on this forum since that post on the repo was made saying they have successfully achieved this, making me wonder whats right or wrong.

Both the page and posts all say that Google Wifi pucks have trouble with some types of USB Sticks, I am attempting using sticks that go from new and old ranging from brand new to sticks nearly 10 years old, I even attempted using a stick that uses SD-cards just to cover all bases without success.

The only picture I am able to find of someone who say thay did manage to flash their wifi use a generic usb-a hub with usb-a to usb-c cable. Making me curious if USB-C hub is required as stated on the page for google wifi (tools required)

I would like to hear from someone with experience dealing with google wifi if they actually successfully managed to get this working. (especially if they did so after the firmware upgrade that supposedly made sideloading no longer possible mid 2022 I believe this was)

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Hello, it works without any problems for me. I have recently installed OpenWrt on 4 Google WiFi devices. And it works very well