OpenWrt software timers

Can we set up software timer in openwrt?

Something other than sleep or cron or the various standard C calls?

To get interrupt(callback function invoke) after a time period.

Standard C calls then. The library used by OpenWrt is musl in current versions. Though if you’re asking for what your words say, that should have been an obvious answer, so perhaps I misunderstood.

If not C, what are you trying to accomplish?

In RTOS (like freertos: there will be timer modules. So we can create timer using API xTimerCreate(), and get interrupt using these timer module for a particular timeout. I am asking whether we have such modules in openWRT.

OpenWrt is a standard POSIX/Linux environment using musl libc as C runtime, so all the usual Linux facilities exist.

Your question is way too unspecific to answer properly but assuming you want a timer mechanism in userspace, then the proper way to do so would be writing a custom daemon to invoke your logic whenever the desired timeouts expire.

You could use OpenWrt's libubox library for convenience but many other choices, including plain C solely based on libc, exist.

Thank you so much.

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