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Is it possible to filter System>Software in such way it only show specific language packs only? Right now its showing 9513 software packs and if i am not wrong then 60-75% only language translations packs only. One additional there is no way to select multiple packs for Install/Remove. If there any customize theme which give this option!!


Yes, in the filter - type in the abbreviation for the language you wish to search

I don't want to search instead I want to filter or hide 9513 software packs and only want to see software packs with default language English. Any idea how to filter that way??

The vast majority of packages are in English by default. The major exception to that is the i18n for LuCI.

Why are you concerned about hiding non-English packages? What are you hoping to achieve aside from a more concise list?



Search for "English" - works for me.

To reduce the software list, right now there is almost 9513 packages, if there is the way to filter/hide unwanted language packs then it easy to explore.

For example if I want to search and filter Luci only it showing total 2688 which contain language translate packages as well. So if there is way to see only Luci package with default language English then it will eliminate unnecessary packs from that list and easy to explore rather then going all pages.

Search for luci-app - this should skip language packages

I was thinking this same thing, but it turns out that many of the i18n packages actually have "luci-app" in their description fields, so they still show up. Unless I missed something.

(...list continues)

BTW "default" packages are already in English...including repository packages when installed by command (the opkg install syntax is globally unique - and installs English packages unless specified).

Are you saying there's a package that isn't English as default language?

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This feature has been implemented in LuCI master now: