OpenWrt snapshot with Linux Kernel 6.1

Linux Kernel 6.1 is Released now, Any info when OpenWrt snapshot would be available with kernel 6.1 ?

Its gonna be a while, first the stable needs to branch off

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Which target are you interested in. There are some "unofficial" W.I.P. attempts already.

We might first have the next 23.0x stable release branch with kernel 5.15, and the transition to 6.1 in the development master can start after that 23.0x branch has been branched off.


There will always be another release comming…

Thanks , Any idea when core components(like gcc, MUSL and linux versions etc...) will be finalized for 23.0x ?

PR for 6.1 WIP, and another PR for one other taarget.

They are updated constantly / every now and then.

  • GCC was two weeks ago bumped to use gcc 12 as default
  • there are no newer musl versions than 1.2.3.

Note that musl and gcc are part of the compilation toolchain, while linux is part of the compiled firmware. Bumping Linux major version is a huge task, as we are so hardware-intensive and support 30+ different CPU architectures.

Also 6.1 is still not LTS

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Ya, seems like that decision should have landed by now.

6.1 is declared LTS and it has EOL as Dec, 2026.


Even if we would change to 6.1 today it wouldn’t result in a working release at best before the end of 2023 but more probably in early 2024.

We haven’t even moved all devices from 5.10 to 5.15 in master as of today.