OpenWrt-Snapshot for NanoPi R1 / luci-app-statistics

During the last days I prepared and configured a sd-card with OpenWrt (SNAPSHOT r14740-0b31713c85) for the NanoPi R1. So far: it works. Thanks to all contributors.

Nevertheless there are two points, where I don't know, whether there is a bug or a mistake by me.

In luci-app-statistics I enabled thermal infos (default config, no customization), but there are no pictures (which I had in FriendlyWRT 19.07.1). In /sys and its sub-directories there isn't any file named temp (which was present in FriendlyWRT 19.07.1). Bug or faulty configuration?

Furthermore I noticed: there is no /tmp/rrdimg directory (/tmp/rrd with the data files exists), which contains all diagrams I can see under Statistics->Graphs. But (with the exception of thermal info) I can see all diagrams.

In /etc/config/luci I have the following section:

config internal 'apply'
	option rollback '30'
	option holdoff '4'
	option timeout '5'
	option display '1.5'

but the timer always starts with 90 seconds. Bug or faulty configuration?