OpenWrt setup with fixed static ip

Im trying too get openwrt up and going on my netgear r7000. I have at&t fiber with a fixed static ip address. Is there anyone on here that can help me out with this?

What is AT&T fiber? Router?

(in 19.07)

Network -> Interfaces -> (WAN) Edit -> (Protocol) Static address


I got it going thank you!

Be aware of the wireless situation (effectively unusable) and -with fiber- the maximum throughput it can provide (I wouldn't expect much more than ~200 MBit/s from that device).

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Thanks! i dont even have a option for wireless. I used Aps. Do you think the wrt1900ac v1 would be better than the r7000?


In terms of wired routing performance, it's in a different league. Wireless is a bit more cumbersome on this device (search for mwlwifi for the details, in short, buggy and abandoned driver) - but still, you at least get some kind of (sub-mediocre) wireless driver support (compared to nothing at all).
Not a device I'd buy with wireless usage in mind, but if you already have one (or can get a second hand specimen really cheap)… In a 1:1 comparison with the r7000, the wrtz1900ac v1 would still be a clear winner.

The WRT1900AC v1 is kind of the odd one out, due to its older SOC compared to all other devices from the Linksys WRT* line, not a first choice.

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Thank you so much for the info!

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