Openwrt, server board, no pci lan card

I am installing openwrt 19.07.03 x86/legacy on an Intel server board. I have tried several versions, but a PCI network card, or the board's network adapter itself, always stops recognizing me, and I have never been able to get the WiFi card to recognize me. Can someone help me with that?

Pretty sure there's more than one of those out there...

But I have seen that the network cards, that is, RJ45 connector, do have installation packages, I just don't know which one they are. I'm checking the packages folder for this version and I can't find the right one.

There is no way for OpenWrt to download the necessary firmware?

And we should? You're the guy with the card/board.

Install pciutils, and run lspci, or study the system log, but if the board is made by intel, the NIC will probably be from them too.

First of all, there really is no excuse to install an EOLed version with known security issues on x86 hardware, none whatsoever - take the opportunity and go with 23.05.0 (which might already sort out your issues by pure magic).

Then you really need to be more specific on what hardware you have, frollic gave you the hint how to do that, I might extend that to suggesting lspci -knn, it's pointless to speculate about that without having the facts (which are easily obtainable by you), crystal balls are stuck in the continuing supply chain problems.

probably even visible as an IC on the PCB.

I accidentally washed mine :frowning:

I will explain the situation: I am currently trying to make a balance, I have tried several devices and everyone has told me that within what I have, my best option is to use a PC. I am trying to install OpenWrt and install the luci-app-mwan3 package, but before that I need it to recognize the 3 interfaces, but it always only recognizes 2. I am now downloading 23.05.0

Even if I know the brand and model of my network adapter, how do I identify the package?

That part we can help you with.

Are you sure it only recognizes 2 ?
Not set up 2 out of 3 ? one LAN, and one WAN.
Those are two different things.

No, it is only recognizing 2, only eth0 and eth1, when I go to add an interface only those 2 appear

Then you will need to provide more details about the hw used.

My first option was to put the balance on a nanostation m2, I would use the wifi as wan 1 and 1 lan as wan2 and the remaining lan as Lan. but I had problems, really here in Cuba there is little internet. 1 or 2 megabytes of speed, I think it would be enough. but I found that the network/switch menu was missing, so I discarded it.

I just followed your advice, I installed version 23.05.0 and it works well in speed and improves a lot graphically. but now there is another problem, although the lan adapter on the board recognizes me, it stopped recognizing one of the pci cards

The ball is still in your court.

lspci -knn or forever hold your peace.

Would it work well creating a virtual PC with virtual box or vmware?

Is pciutils a package that I should add to the openwrt pc or is it software for my windows pc?

It's an Openwrt package, but you can find the corresponding info in windows' device manager.

My question is after knowing the device information, how do I identify which package to install from opwnwrt?

Now I'm sending you the device information to see if you can help me find the installation package.