hi, ask if someone can provide a copy of the original firmware with which the router is sold.
It allows you to connect a wifi usb stick to have internet.
I messed around and now the firmware put no longer sees the usb key.
The router was the one sold by a "famous" Spanish company ... I hope there is someone who bought it.
I unfortunately can't reinstall it properly, now I have an OpenWrt Chaos Calmer 15.05 r48749 / LuCI branch (git-16.074.41553-6fa1ae3) version but I don't see external usb management. Thanks.

  • OpenWrt would not have a copy of the OEM firmware
  • Then install the drivers and software, simple
  • I also advise upgrading to a newer version, first

thank you, but i confess that i have no idea , i bought because it worked out of the box, can u tell me some clue?
i have to setup a ralink 3070 (ubdo nt8) external usb.