OpenWrt Sata SSD/USB 3.0

Hi! My friend wanted update from USB 3.0 memory stick to sata SSD in x86 OpenWrt build, i told, storage doesn't matter because OpenWrt loads to RAM fully and store only configs/etc in memory but not use it while work, only when load, Is it correct?

If it is a router/firewall build with only networking/VPN packages, yes it is running from RAM and not writing anything to disk.

If he installed optional packages that actually write to disk (torrent downloaders for example), then no.

OpenWrt does not support using native Sata drives as system disk. You can use Sata drives only for data. Or you can put the Sata drive in a USB external box.

If you install packages that you know need to write a lot, it makes sense to add a Sata drive and configure the package to write in the folder of the Sata drive.
While the OpenWrt system is still on the USB drive.

see also

Thanks for the answer but i really think you are wrong, i've tried to install OpenWrt to not real sata ssd but sata DOM from ali, it works perfectly. Board ASUS P9D-C/4L.

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