OpenWRT router recommendation 4+ APs 50+ devices, VLAN

I'm looking for a recommendation for a well-supported OpenWRT-capable router.

I need something that can handle a range of wireless connections from all sorts of devices, probably 40+ wireless devices, and a dozen wired devices. There is interference and some wall issues.

I'll regularly be running 4 or more APs (mostly just different SSIDs going to different interfaces). Anything that helps that is beneficial.

I rely on 802.1q VLANs heavily, support needs to be solid and modern (ie. DSA-based I think).

Apart from the flexibility and volume of connections, the demands on the network are light. Usually not much more than shuffling around some low-rate streams, plenty of low-rate traffic, and no more than maybe 100Mbit or 250Mbit down through one port and out to one wired device at a time.

4+ RJ45 LAN ports and a WAN port are beneficial. More is better. I can get by on 3 LAN/1 WAN. Admittedly I can work around it by adding a managed switch, but better in the device than out.

I'll constantly be reconfiguring the device and the firewall rules will be complex and ever-changing. I need a device that can handle this. Features like being able to hold multiple images (even if just two) are quite valuable.

Extra resources (eg. CPU/flash/RAM) beyond the minimum are useful, I definitely want something capable and solid.

I'm interested in a device well-supported by OpenWRT. That means a well-supported non-problematic chipset with reasonable popularity and plenty of resources.

Apart from that, it'll usually be linked with a Mercusys AX6000 (MR90X) running OpenWRT over a single physical tagged 802.1q VLAN wired connection, and sharing some of the load, but it needs to be capable of handling everything on its own in case the MR90X is unavailable.

Any well-supported features that OpenWRT provides that might be useful are also of interest. Anything too new that's unstable isn't- I need a solid network above the latest and greatest.

I've never tried mesh or roaming, if they might help I'm open to it, if the support for it is solid. A mesh might help, and roaming is of mild benefit (some devices would benefit from it but most do not).

Cost-wise I'm clearly not after a budget solution. I'd like to get something capable, but not to the point where I'm paying a lot extra for minimum improvement over the next option down. But I will pay for functionality and a solid solution.

Regulatory domain is Australia, device is indoors.

What would you recommend?

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GL.iNet GL-MT6000 might be a good contender


The GL.iNet GL-MT6000 looks like an outstanding recommendation! It's almost like you went down my list and picked something that would absolutely annihilate every single thing I was looking for, and several things I didn't even mention. The sheer volume of RAM and flash is also exactly what I was after.

The icing on the cake is that the cost is well under my budget and I can get hold of it quickly.

I'm going to research it a bit and see what else floats in, but I'm fairly confident that you just picked my next router.

Thankyou so very much ed8 you absolute legend!

I have bin looking at the Asus TUF Gaming AX6000 The gl-net mite be better tho.


Thankyou tapper for taking the time to share your thoughts on this one, the Asus TUF Gaming AX6000 covers many of the things I'm looking for.

It looks like it might have tough competition in the form of the GL.iNet GL-MT6000 though!

I'd go for a WSM20 multipack, the wifi will be slower, compared to the 6000 devices, but very cheap - you get three+ WSM20s for the price of one 6000 unit.

Assuming they're cheap where you are.

Another option would be the WRX36, it's $80 on US Amazon.

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Thankyou frollic for your thoughts on this one.

The WRX36 seems to cover a lot of what I'm after, it sounds like a good option. It's a bit tricky to get over to Australia though, and it doesn't seem the that the org behind it have much interest in selling in Australia (this happens sometimes). I don't know enough how this might impact regulatory compliance to make an educated decision on this one. It would be cheaper to import than say the GL-MT6000, and probably comparable to the MR90X, once shipping costs are in, though it effective prices it at as a premium.

The WSM20 has similar issues, though is easier to purchase more directly, but the cost is high for what it is, plus shipping. I'm not confident I'm after multiple routers instead at this point in any case.

It's a shame about the WRX36, that looks to be a well-priced device that does a lot of what I'm after.

Many thanks for your suggestions and input!

I'm going to do a bit more research, but I'm probably going to get the GL.iNet GL-MT6000, it just suits my specific use case so well, and covers everything that matters to me, and it's readily available for a good price.

Many thanks all for the input, I still have a lot to learn and I've got some good starting points.

Thankyou all so much! :slight_smile:

Check, they had really good prices a while back.

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Interesting! Thankyou.

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