Openwrt router how to remove modem assigned ip gateway? (2 gateways 1 router)

Modem gateway is
Openwrt router gateway is and (modem assigned ip).

Modem lan can access gateway which I'm trying to avoid. How would I remove modem assigned gateway on the openwrt router? Just bought myself glnet mango v2 which will probably have the same issue of having 2 gateways when I setup a vlan, anyone else have this problem?

if you remove the modem gateway, you'll not be able to access internet.

and yes, accessing internet, is generally speaking, a major risk....

Sorry I meant to be more specific. Modem gateway is and openwrt router gateway is and With my tplink router oem firmware I was not able to access the gateway via only or

how are the devices connected ?

modem LAN -> openwrt WAN ?

Yes, can't be flashed either isp AIO cable modem. Am I stuck like this?


some more specifics.

what IP is assigned to the openwrts WAN port ?
what IP range/subnet does the openwrt device share with it's clients ?

no, but it also depends on what you want to achieve.

1 Like openwrts wan port (for now fresh upgrade, default settings)

I've tried in the past but nothing worked. My plans are dynamic ips (3 ips assigned to different vlans) via bridge mode which will most likely fix everything but still have other routers to connect later with this same problem.


that's how it should be, as long as you run your openwrt device as a router and not a dumb AP.

if you want to avoid the double NATing (and the two gateways), you should convert your
device to a

but if you want to have more advanced features, your main router's not capable of, then dumb AP isn't the right way to go.

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Thats true but if tplink oem firmware had a way to avoid it wouldn't there be a way on openwrt? So dumb-ap was the plan for glnet mango, I assumed it would still give out 2 gateways. I guess I got everything in order then, bridge mode when modems replaced and dumb-aps from there. Thank you so much :wink:

dumb AP doesn't provide any network functionality at all (unless you want it to).
it's only converting wired ethernet to a wireless signal.

The gateway is provided by the DHCP, and you should only have one of those
in your network (or per subnet).

there's always a way with openwrt :wink:


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