OpenWrt Router for enterprise enviroment?

Ahoy friends.
Currently i'm looking for a high-performance product for my home network.
I got a huge amount of traffic, and now i got a gbit internet connection.
For now i'd like to replace my Fritz! 7490 router, because i do subnetting, different vlans and igmp snooping.
So i'm looking for a well performing router, which supports OpenWRT.
What about the Banana Pi R1? I got one, but they seem to have a quite bad choice in case of their hardware. Their lan ports are even not connected with transformers in order to prevent heavy malfunction in case of a short circuit in some connected device. So i'm worried in case of the Banana Pi R1, it's having a lot of power and ram, but the signaling might be a problem.
Is there any other device someone of you could recommend? Or is something like Mikrotik recommended in my case?

Check out their R64 product.

I believe they have transformers integrated into the ports, but you will have to ask them to confirm.