OpenWrt Router divides Speed by 3 or 4

Hi Guys,

I'm using a TP-Link TL WR1045ND with pretty much the out of the box OpenWRT configuration. Having some devices connected by cable an one WLAN setup and in use. MY ISP uses a DHCP Client connect, so it is very easy to setup and no modem or whatsoever is required. I just updated from 100mbit to 1gbit.
I checked the connection with a computer and it's 1gbit. However when attaching the computer to the router switch, I only get 350mbit. It seem that the default bridge costs 2/3rd of the connection. How can I fix it (is it fixable?) and how/which config should I post?

720MHz CPU and 64MB ram will not be enough. Actually you are lucky enough to get 350Mbps out of that. In my old RSpro with PPPoE the roof is around 200Mbps.

Bottom line, time to go shopping.


Fine. I have a Netgear X8 and a MultyX arriving soon. Which of those will do the job or should I combine them in terms of using the Netgear as the "Gateway/Router" and setup the Multy for WLAN + Bridging?
There is a Zyxel VMG1312-B30A somewhere, is that any usefull?

I cannot find the Netgear X8 or MultyX or the Zyxel in the table of hardware.

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