OpenWRT router as DHCP/Static Address or PPPoE client?

My modem supports RFC-1483 as bridge mode.

I can use OpenWRT router as both DHCP/Static address client or PPPoE client but I am wondering if RFC-1483 is better & faster and stable?

I'd use DHCP - usually ISPs want you to pay for setting a static IP (in most cases they issue the IP via DHCP anyway).

This doesn't seem related to OpenWrt. Perhaps clarification?

Is your OpenWrt device a DSL modem?

My ISP provides Dynamic IP through PPPoE.

No. My OpenWrt device is Xiaomi Giga 4A.
My DSL modem has a bridging option called RFC-1483. I can also use it. I do not know much about it.

I would use RFC1483 (now RFC2684) on the modem and configure a router as DHCP client.

* IF that is supported by the ISP

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Yes it's better to offload ppp encapsulation into the modem, and have the router receive IP packets. Running ppp on the OpenWrt router can take a significant amount of router CPU at high speeds.


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