OpenWrt router + 4G modem

I'm now using Openwrt installed on a TP-Link WR841ND with a DSL modem.
Since my DSL connection is getting quite expensive compared to the little use i do, I was thinking about switching to 4G connection.

In order to try a 4G connection I need a new router with USB port and a 4G dongle. Can you please suggest me a router and a 4G dongle that are easy to install/configure and are stable?
If is helpfull I live in Italy.


As far as "stable" goes, Huawei E5186, flash it with a firmware that supports bridge mode which will give you a "pure" ethernet connection and attach a router that runs OpenWrt or whatever your prefer. That said, E5186 is pretty stable on it's own and be aware that most cellular networks uses CG-NAT or similar.