OpenWrt Router 1 hour more than current time, 2 hours more than modem time

My router’s time is one hour more than it should be. I’d like to get it in sync with the current time or with my modem’s time. Here are the details:

  1. I’m in the Central Time Zone. An example current time would be 10:30 AM, but my router displays 11:30AM. The date is correct, and the minutes are correct. I’m viewing this information in LUCI>SYSTEM>SYSTEM>GENERAL SETTINGS. The time zone of my router is set correctly to “America/Chicago”. My router is running OpenWRT version 19.07.7

  2. Under LUCI>SYSTEM>SYSTEM>TIME SYNCHRONIZATION “Enable NTP Client” is checked, “Use DHCP advertised servers” is checked, and “NTP server candidates” are listed as,,, and

  3. Clicking “Sync with Browser” or clicking “Sync with NTP server” doesn’t change anything.

  4. My home network looks like this: ISP -> Cable Modem -> Router, and there is a Pi-Hole running a recursive DNS server attached to the router. The Cable Modem time is set by my ISP, can not be edited, and is one hour behind the current time. The ISP uses Standard Time which ignores daylight savings time. An example current time would be 10:30 AM, but my cable modem displays 9:30AM.

  5. The Pi-Hole (DNS Server) system information shows it recording time in UTC. An example current time would be 10:30 AM, but my Pi-Hole displays 9:30AM.

My Cable Modem, and DNS Server are showing a time one hour less than my current time, and my OpenWrt Router is showing a time one hour more than my current time. How can I get my router to match current time (first preference), or my modem/dns server time (second preference)?

fwiw, can't you simply change the LUCI>SYSTEM>SYSTEM>GENERAL SETTINGS to a different city to correct the router time?

@bill888 as a work around sure. However, I'm more interested in figuring out why it's not functioning properly and then addressing that particular issue.