OpenWrt Repeater

I've got an idea.... I have a bunch of Mikrotik APs. I'd like to get 2 and set up a repeater/extender in my travel van. One AP inside, one client outside. This would allow me to set up an inside wifi system even while the outside client is scanning and hunting for signal.

This in itself isn't hard to do but I am looking for a simple user interface to allow a person to connect, scan the available WiFi systems, log in, etc. and then the system would act as a repeater. Since this is mobile I want it to be easy and flexible and simple.

Does anything like this exist? Thanks.

This might not be necessary. I don't know about your particular device, but would imagine if you install one device outside the van, you should be able to access it form inside.

You should be careful. For one, the fact that an AP is left unsecured doesn't mean that you are allowed to join it. Besides, there are security concerns over joining insecure networks (of course it's less risky if you have a router in the middle, but still, you might want to look into using a VPN). Unless the AP you are accessing is commercial, you need to ask yourself: why would someone leave their AP open?

As for the original question, look at Travelmate package.

Yeah, I understand the security concerns; I've been running OpenWRT in some form for the better part of 15 years. :slight_smile:

The reason I want 2 separate APs is so that one can hunt while the other provides interior wifi.

And yeah, the reason I want the easy to use interface is so that a non-technical person can connect (securely) to the inside AP, look at the networks available to exterior client, and then connect, providing a username/password or clicking through whatever agreement there is.

I'm not talking about wardriving here; I am talking about being able to legitimately connect to WiFi systems provided by Tim Horton's, Love's truck stops, etc - and needing a bit greater range than you can get while sitting inside a metal box in the back lot of a truck stop.

Sounds like the "client" needs an "extra" bssid.

ala "guest" except it's "connect".....

You could run a trimmed down UCI on that interface, uhttpd should do fine....

Whether or not you want that to be a dynamic ( detect there is no "main/downstream" connected then start uhttpd and that bssid......... or static thing.... both run in parallel....

i'd go for dynamix.... or you could just use the 5G for config.... and no 2G connection fires it up?....

really though... internal management is the way to go.... if you want a wrapper / extended / faster connection.... iframe.... on your phone....? piped from the internal side?