OpenWrt Repeater with devolo 1750e


I'm glad that I've found the openwrt snapshot of the devolo 1750e, but I'm having problems with setting it up as a repeater.

I'd like to use my wlan0 interface (802.11nac) to connect as client (STA) and repeat the network as AP.

I've configured exactly as described in

My client connections comes up, but there is no AP created which I can access? So if I'm connecting by ethernet cable I'm able to access the network/internet, but there is no Wifi hotspot available...

Someone could help me? Any known issues?! Thanks a lot.

The header is pretty clear:

Using relayd as instructed in this article isn't guaranteed to work.
The most common problem is that the client router cannot pass the DHCP message between the main router and the client connected to the client router. Currently it seems to be the hardware/SOC limitation (related to MAC cloning?)
You may also consider to use WDS or mesh networking.

Better try the WDS.

Yes, it is better to use WDS if the main AP has OpenWrt to activate it.

Main wifi router is a Fritz!Box 7590, so there is no OpenWRT installed.

But being a relatively new device, it surely has WDS.
Or else you would have to throw cable that is the best in performance.

WDS is not standardized and isn"t interoperable across vendors, so no - OpenWrt (mainline kernel using mac80211's 4addr) and Fritz!OS (proprietary QCA drivers and WDS) aren"t compatible for WDS (neither the proprietary mesh protocol in Fritz!OS 7).

So, I won't be able to pair them to extend my wifi?

Not using 'WDS'/ 4addr (nor AVM's proprietary mesh implementation), only in routed client mode.