OpenWrt questions

I recently moved to openwrt installed on NetGEAR r8000, and my connection is 600 download and 30 upload and with wifi i am getting around 400 down load and 30 up with direct connect to Lan getting full speed. I have firewall router running on pfsense and openwrt act as Access point , now i want to configure the network as below.
I want all firewall and ad blocking handle by pfsense router.
I have created 3 vlan on pfsense, 1. General internet Vlan , 2.VPN client Internet Vlan 2 and 3 Guest Internet as VLan3.
I want to disable firewall rules in openwrt and let handle all this by pfsense and want to create 3 wifi SSID for each Vlan configured on pfsense.

I am not sure on how to do this can someone help on this.


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