OpenWrt (Proxmox) reboot shutdown timeout

Hello guys,

I setup OpenWrt as a VM on my Proxmox node, everything is working like before.
The only issue I have left is that a reboot / shutdown / stop command issued by my proxmox node is not working and gets a timeout.
I already installed the acpid and qemu-ga packages, but still no success.

I can't try shutdown right now, as OpenWrt provides internet access for the network this node is in and I don't have physical access to the node for another few days / weeks.

this is the acpid config file. /etc/acpi/events/default

# This is a sample ACPID configuration


Will I need to configure / add option for reboot and stop in here?

So I tried out something...
After disabling qemu-ga in VM options reboot and shutdown work just fine!
I also uninstalled the acpid package in OpenWrt and it still worked.

Since it is working without acpid, what is this package then for? Should I reinstall it or is it obsolete? What are the benefits of using it?

Also how can I configure the qemu-ga to listen to the poweroff / reboot command send by the proxmox host?

Experiencing the same issue - I tried to ln -s /sbin/poweroff /sbin/shutdown but that does not seem to help either. Also forcing qemu-ga to use /dev/vport2p1 doesn't work.

Update: I created a small script at /sbin/shutdown to perform shutdown/reboot and seems working, although this won't for squashfs (since /sbin is not modifiable):


if [ $1 == "-h" ]; then
elif [ $1 == "-r" ]; then
    logger "Unrecognized arguments received: $args"
    exit 1

Although I think it makes more sense to implement this in qemu. Alpine Linux already has a patch, so it would be ideal for OpenWrt to add this as a patch as well:

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