OpenWrt PPPoE NAT6 problem

OpenWrt dial-up Internet access via PPPoE. Delete the Global ULA-Prefix by opening the IPv6 option of the WAN port. After dialing, a virtual dynamic (DHCPv6 client) interface of WAN_6 is automatically generated. IPv6-PD gets normal. Devices under the LAN port can also access the Internet normally. Now test the way of NAT6, use IPv6 WAN port settings unchanged, add Global ULA-Prefix, set interface -> LAN -> DHCP server -> IPv6 routing advertisement service and DHCPv6 service to server mode, NDP proxy setting to disable, DHCPv6 mode It is stateful + stateless. After setting it up, it is found that the LAN port of the router and the devices connected below, such as computers, can simultaneously obtain the previous LAN address starting with ULA-Prefix and the public network address starting with WAN_6 port IPv6-PD. What's the problem, I only want the LAN device to get LAN v6. This is because the firewall -> communication rule allows DHCPv6 to be turned on. Does it matter?

In addition, I have configured v6 DNS separately in Interface -> LAN -> DHCP Server -> IPv6. Why can the computer obtain two duplicate v6 DNS when obtaining it? There are two router settings, but after the computer obtains it, there are 4 DNS each. Dns repeat once

Another problem is that Openwrt's odhcpd server and interface -> LAN -> DHCP server -> IPv6 -> DHCPv6 service refers to whether the service is connected to one or two different applications.

Normally with IPv6 PD, you don't need NAT6.
The ULA prefix should be entirely independent, so there's no need to disable it.
Simply forward the IPv6 traffic to the GUA destination as mentioned in the other thread.
Make sure to use the latest stable OpenWrt release to minimize possible issues.
If IPv6 PD is not available, then utilize IPv6 relaying or NAT6.

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I want to test the performance of NAT6. In addition, some networks do not issue IPv6-PD. The administrator only assigns a public IPv6 address, so NAT6 is also required.