OpenWrt post v18 working correctly on Buffalo WZR-600DHP2?

I have a Buffalo WZR-600DHP2 (just unboxed, bought months ago), and I would like to install some open firmware, like OpenWRT.
But, as of today, OpenWRT seems to have WiFi low throughputting or malfunctioning, as stated on the "Notes" section (bottom) here: .
I found too this thread at development section that seems unfinished, and makes not clear the actual state of the art: Adding support for a BCM94708 device

Could some one tell me if OpenWRT v19 (or later) is correctly working on this router?

I cannot say anything about the functionality about this unit. As there is a 19.07.3 release, I would assume that it is stable enough to use and give it a try.

But it looks like the chipset is not looking promising when it comes to wifi performance.

So, if I did correctly understand, the problem is in the driver (named "b43") that OpenWRT implements to manage this WiFi chipset?

Isn't that supposed to become solved on future OpenWRT versions?

See and pay attention to the infobox at the top.

tl;dr: No.

Ah, OK, I see now:

**limited OpenWrt supportability**

How sad.
Thanks you for the info.

Anyway, it seems a curious one the comment below (on that page):

WZR-600DHP2D is same hardware, but preloaded with Buffalo DD-WRT firmware.

I thought DD-WRT was an open source project too, so drivers must be FLOSS based. Am I wrong?


DD-WRT has a license agreement and NDA in place with Broadcom that allow usage of better, proprietary, closed source wireless drivers (binary blobs) which they are not allowed to redistribute freely.

So, even when this should be asked (too) on the DD-WRT forum: may I expect that downloading and flashing the latest DD-WRT firmware will work OK on the Buffalo WZR-600DHP2, at least for the WiFi part?

Only the DD-WRT guys can answer this question.