OpenWrt + Pi-hole 4.0 FTLDNS install on CoreElec S905 box

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Forgive my naivete in advance and see #6:

Any insights are appreciated.
Can sqm-cake and nodogdplash be installed directly on CoreElec without an OpenWrt install first?

SQM using the cake scheduler can be deployed on "any" OS running a recent version of the Linux kernel and an appropriate process manager. If not available as a package on the target OS (and, perhaps if that package is outdated), you'll need to compile and install sch_cake, tc-adv, and likely sqm-scripts, as well as configuring your process manager to run them. You will likely need to update at least the kernel module with any/all future kernel updates. As far as I know, sch_cake is not "DKMS-enabled".

I'm not familiar enough with nodogdsplash to know how it would be configured when the APs are not on the same machine. That the git repo shows a "Debian" folder suggests that it will at least install on other Linux-based OSes.

The OpenWrt packages, as well as the support of the OpenWrt community, are unlikely to be of direct assistance on another OS.


Nodogsplash I intend to run with an external splash page.

CoreElec is on 3.14 kernel which is old, so if cake-sqm doesn't install via opkg, is there any other QoS pack? All I want is simple priority to video streaming over PC downloads/torrents to be assigned lowest priority.

So I will assume no conflicts here with Pi-hole 4.0 which of course is not an OpenWrt pack.

I'd read

Not clear to me what non-current kernel versions are supported by



From what I've read, torrents and SQM don't seem to get along too well as, from what I understand, they have their own "fairness" algorithms at work. I haven't followed the discussion in detail, but something I'd look in to sooner than later.

Unluckily upgrading from 3.14 isn't up to me, for LibreElec/CoreElec and other KODI JeOS distros. There is a hardware acceleration support problem but their headless versions do use 4.*.

I think I might just be able to use sqm-scripts under LuCI with priority, which apparently OpenWrt has deprecated in favor of sqm-cake in v17+.

Torrents have always been a QoS problem. Best would be to minimize upload bandwidth in QoS settings.

I'm not sure how you plan on using OpenWrt packages on a non-OpenWrt system. LuCI, in particular, is "wired into" some OpenWrt-specific functionality around configuration, process management, and IPC.

In that case, I should install OpenWrt first and then other packages, on CoreElec upon S905 which is 1.5 GHz quadcore with Mali 450 pentacore GPU and 1/8GB RAM/flash.