OpenWrt permanently asks DNS for

having a look at the traffic - an also on my pihole - openWRT permanently does a DNS request for
How can i stop that ?

thanks in advice

  • Change the hostnname of whatever box you named
  • Identify the box making the request.

how can I identify the box ? A ping returns an bad ip adress

Do you have a FritzBox with the original firmware somewhere in your network?
A quick search turned up this article in German

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On DNS server:

tcpdump -vvn -i <interface_name> proto 17 and port 53 | grep wpad -B 1

I do have one for the internet connection. I also found this article, but somehow it does not work for me :frowning:

Could you clarify? I see there is a suggestion to use PI-Hole to capture those requests and answer them.
It could probably be done with OpenWRT as well but of course the instructions are not going to be precise, rather a guideline.

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for using dietpi, i guess my lighttpd-configuration is quite different from the described one. Anyway, I published the wpad.dat on another web server running in my LAN. So I managed to stop the DNS-requests. Thanks for your support

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