OpenWrt P2MP problem

When the second STA wants to access the AP, a log will appear on the AP side, which is shown downstairs. It causes the second STA to be unable to access the AP. However, The ARP on the AP side can detect the second STA. Do you know what caused it?

wlan0: Disconnect 00:d0:bd:40:50:33 reason [proto 3 wmi 4]
wlan0: disconnect (bssid=00:d0:bd:40:50:33, reason=3, ev+)
wlan0: disconnect (bssid=00:d0:bd:40:50:33, reason=2, ev-)


Double items? Openwrt P2MP problem
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Next: people need more info:

  • What hardware do you use?
  • Which OpenWrt version is running on the device?
  • How is the network setup?
  • Logs with the errors


I am using banana-pi R2 as my hardware. OpenWrt version is 18.06.7. By the way, I use a banana-pi R2 as AP, and two banana-pi R2 as STA. At the AP side, it can send DHCPDISCOVER and DHCPOFFER message, but cannot receive DHCPREQUEST and DHCPACK message from STA2. Do you know what caused it? Thanks

Start by upgrading to a supported version of openwrt. V21 or v22 are the only in support versions