server configuration | 403 forbidden (again?)


first of all, I am new to using OpenWRT, so please correct me if I'm posting to the wrong category. I've got a Meraki MR33, on which I want to install the newest OpenWRT. I am not able to download the itb of the newest firmware as I get an error 403. I've found a similar topic from last year which describes the same problem, but which has been solved. Am I doing something wrong?
Thanks in advance!


Edit: I've just realised that I've already got the newer Uboot version which won't permit flashing the access point. Still, the Meraki firmware is not the only one not accessable, so maybe looking into this will help other people.

It looks like all the .itb files return a 403. I'm not sure if those files are supposed to be listed and downloadable either.