OpenWrt Orchestration of 40+ devices


are there good ways to orchestrate OpenWrt devices?
I know that there is:

  • OpenWrt Ansible modules by lefant
  • OpenWISP

Are there any other I left out? OpenWISP seems not too mature as far as I can tell. I wasn't even able to find a way to handle Firewall rules...
Haven't tried Ansible yet. Please share your experiences. Thank you.

Why not just use parallel ssh - pssh? You could execute one command on a list of many ssh clients in parallel.
pssh manpage:

This just works, and you don't need complex orchestration tools with another client and server for it.

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I use cssh so far but it's getting tight on my monitor. The management for multiple devices with such tools can be quite cumbersome.
I'l probably write some shell scripts myself in order to provide configuration (templates).