OpenWrt or "open" cameras?

Are there any POE cameras based on openwrt? I am considering deploying a few security cams and the idea of an unsecure security cam for which I lack the sources is anathema.

(no I'm not interested in a usb->webcam concept, and no let's not talk about nest!)

I'm not aware that any of these exist.

But if you want more control over your device (and have it relatively cheap) one can think of a esp32 cam (around $5) running your piece of ware. Another one could maybe choose a raspberry (zero) with camera also running your os of choice (motion eye os would be a good one for this task I guess) but comes with downside that (as all raspberry pi's) it comes forced bundled with the closed source ThreadX (now owned by microsoft) system where your os is just a guest. :nauseated_face:

Any how both solutions require 5V which can be easily taken from Ethernet (there are plenty 24/12V PoE to 5V Adapters - some also featuring a micro usb jack)...