OpenWrt - opkg install

to the command line;

opkg update
opkg install mesh11sd

I'm trying to write but

Command 'opkg' not found, do you mean:
command 'gopkg' from snap gopkg (2018.03.27) package
command 'dpkg' from package deb dpkg (1.21.1ubuntu2.1)

i am getting the error. I guess I need to install the opkg package first, but does anyone know how to do that?

What is the output of

ubus call system board

Command 'ubus' not found, do you mean:
command 'bus' from deb atm-tools (1:2.5.1-4build2) package
command 'ibus' from package deb ibus (1.5.26-4)
Try: sudo apt install

The mistake is that you are running those commands on your PC command line instead of inside the router. Log into the router by SSH then run commands.

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I don't have a router. My goal is to create an HWMP network using OpenWRT over the computer.

OpenWrt is an operating system, not an application. If you don't have dedicated hardware runing an instance of OpenWrt you can use a virtual machine.

For something like a mesh network which requires close control of hardware, running on bare metal is better. And of course a mesh network requires at least two complete separate hardware systems ("nodes") in order to do anything useful.

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I just want to know how we can install opkg

What's the point, without openwrt installed/running?

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opkg is an OpenWrt feature. It requires the OpenWrt OS. It won't work on other Linux.

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