OpenWrt OpenVPN (NORDVPN) TP-LINK TL-WR902AC V3 - Guidance/tweaks for a newbie

Hello! First time posting and n00b to OpenWRT/LEDE.

I'm going apologize in advance, as I have spent about 2 days on this with no definitive resolution... and just need to make sure I have someone more knowledgable looking over my configs/setup to make sure it's correct and I'm maximizing the usage of the device/setup.

I don't usually post in forums and have limited knowledge on this so please explain things to me like I play with large LEGOs and fat crayons.

Ok, the details:
What I'm doing/have done (I've borrowed/edited from @ passwd 's post):


This is a router that I will only being using one device on. A smart TV for streaming only. (No computers and no need to have wireless access....not sure if it's possible anyway.) It's connect wirelessly to my main router.

I've used this post as it was most similar to what I'm doing and where I borrowed the pic above. Thanks @ passwrd @psherman @RangerZ !

The victim:
I have the TP-LINK TL-WR902AC v3

I have installed OpenWRT from here:
(Firmware OpenWrt Upgrade)

I have also installed OpenVPN with luci web interface.

I used this tutorial to install NordVPN using a UDP server:

Still with me?!!?

My Issue: I have successfully set this up, from what I can tell:
no DNS leaks, routed to the VPN, and it's working as intended...but slow. Not sure if I can tweak something to make it faster....which is why I'm here. I could have done something when trying to tweak it as well...

My connection is 200/20Mbps typically.
On this setup, without VPN, wireless bridge, and a good distance from the router: 90+ /15Mbps+
Using NordVPN: less than 5/5Mbps and sometimes 6 down and 10 up...

I've tested the server with other clients, (not using this device) same server, and I've gotten 30Mbps+ download and around 15Mbps upload
Seems like the testing is not smooth either, but could be the wireless...

My question how do I increase my speed? I've read of others getting really good speeds with micro-routers, but maybe a hardware limitation?

Can someone tell me what they need from me to assist?
As I'm sure I've fucked something up...

Sorry for the links...apparently I can only have two as a new user :thinking:

Welcome to the journey! :hugs:


The speed issue is due to speed of router microprocessor. I suggest a router dual core with 1Ghz of clock speed.

Thanks for replying, @Pesa1234.

Is there are a way to see if processes are over-tasking the confirm?

Anything I can "strip down" to push a little more speed? I don't need much more, just need enough to stream 4k without buffering.

Follow up: In the case, this device can't be resolved.

I have a Linksys EA9500 that I'm using as a wired bridge providing wireless and wired internet in another part of the house.

Is it possible to install OpenWRT on that, install OpenVPN, run a cable to the device I need and only push that to the VPN, while all other devices use my regular internet?

If you use L2TP instead of openvpn the CPU load is lower but not safe as an openvpn encryption.