OpenWrt on Zyxel EX3510-B0 Router

Hello everyone. I have recently acquired a free Zyxel EX310-B0 Router. It is a discontinued model and I do not see a download for a version of OpenWrt that would be compatible with it. I am wondering if there is a similar version I could try to use on it. I'm willing to screw it up because I won't be using it unless this works anyways, so I guess I am wondering if anyone could point me in the right direction on this one.

I can't find any information for that device at all. But fundamentally, if you don't find it in the Table of Hardware, is not supported by OpenWrt.

Depending on the details of the hardware (and assuming that you are either a developer or can convince other developers to help), it might be possible to develop the correct image for this device, but that is not a trivial undertaking.

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Broadcom chip.

Tldr; no.


And that would explain why I couldn't find anything... the model number apparently isn't EX310-B0, but 3510 (assuming @Nico1320 is correct and the OP made a typo or misread the label).

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This is the one! My apologies for the typo :frowning:

Also, this was just a post wondering if this was a possibility. I doubt a development for just this router would be worth it. Especially since it is a discontinued model.

As Nico1320 implied, BCM4906+BCM6710+BCM43684, there is no chance to 'ever' get driver support for BCM43684 - and this device isn't very interesting without WLAN support. The rest would be supportable, wired-only, in the hands of a capable and motivated developer.

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Yeah... understandable. As @Nico1320 said, though, the chipset in this device means it is not worth the development effort (broadcom chips are not well supported in OpenWrt, so the performance is terrible).

This part is a half truth... OpenWrt has been developed for discontinued devices, but usually the decision to spend the effort is guided by the chipset/hardware being well supported in OpenWrt and/or the general popularity of the device.

That makes sense. Thank all of you for the information! I’ll see if I can find a free router that is supported by OpenWrt. I love this on my raspberry pi travel router!

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